How to find a reputable plumber

Find a PlumberIf you have a blockage, dripping faucets, drainage issues, leaking pipes, or problems with your water heater then it’s sensible to call in a reputable local plumber. But, how you separate the good from the bad and hire a reliable plumber?

You are about to make an important decision as the integrity of your home can depend upon the choice you make here. So be sure to do some thorough research into which plumber you will hire. A good place to start is online. You can search for reviews of local plumbers on a whole host of sites using Google. You can also seek the advice of family and friends. See who they have used and how good they were. You can find out a lot from reviews such as which plumbers have poor time-keeping skills, who was overpriced and so on.

Once you have a shortlist of potential candidates give them all a call. Don’t be afraid to put them on their toes by asking them questions. Find out if they offer an emergency service, annual contracts, what their hourly rate is, and what equipment they use for jobs such as heater repairs and cleaning drains. Don’t forget to check for guarantees on work, warranty on parts, and always try to get some discount! It’s also worth including any questions you feel relevant given the nature of the job they are going to undertake.

It is worth noting that some plumbers specialise in specific areas of plumbing such as emergency plumbers, sewer cleaning, repairs, or water heaters so when you make your shortlist be sure to only include plumbers that can offer the services you require.

Try to get at least three quotes from different plumbers before making a final decision on who you will go with.

When you have awarded the job to your chosen plumber agree upon a start time and date for the project. It is advisable to choose a time in which you can allocate a few hours time to oversee the project.

Plumbers are well known to leave a mess behind after the complete a project and they generally don’t consider it their job to clean it up. It’s definitely worth keeping this in mind if the scope of your project means you will need to hire professional cleaners.

If you follow the aforementioned advice, with a little research and some smart questions you should be able to locate a reputable, reliable, local plumber in no time. Good luck!

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