Learn the basics of plumbing

emergency plumberUnderstanding the basics of plumbing can help you immensely, and save you a penny or two along the way. This is especially true if you are a home owner. Regardless of whether you own your property or not the vast majority of us have encountered a plumbing problem or two in our lives. Many of these will require a professional plumber to fix whilst some can be resolved with a little bit of knowledge on your part. So let’s explore some of the circumstances in which we can apply a DIY fix.

Leaking pipes

Leaking pipes can be spotted by listening out for a dripping sound. Once you are familiar with this sound and have identified the source then it may require the tightening of fittings or the replacement of pipes.

Frozen pipes

Pipes can burst in extreme conditions. For example, in the winter water can freeze in the pipes, expand, and burst the pipe! If you suspect a pipe is frozen try opening the closest tap. This should remove some of the pressure build up within the pipes.

Blocked drains

Nearly everyone will experience a blocked drain in their lifetime. This problem can however be avoided with simple drain filters. Just remember to clean them out regularly.

Toilets are a major offender in terms of blockages. With nappies, toilet paper, sanitary towels, and a whole host of other offending items regularly causing blockages. So be sure only to flush what you should be flushing! Items like nappies and sanitary towels should be discarded appropriately in the trash.

These are just three ways in which you can apply a DIY fix to your plumbing issues or even prevent them in the first place. The important thing is that you spend some more time learning the basics of plumbing, not get in over your head attempting to fix things and know when to call your local plumber.

Finding an emergency plumber

Plumbing emergencies can arise at any time and more often than not cannot be resolved with a DIY fix. Therefore in many cases you may find yourself calling an emergency plumber. These plumbers generally offer a 24 hour a day service. So if you find yourself with a burst pipe at 2am they can come out and help.

It is worth doing a bit of research to find a reputable local plumber. Then at least you have his number handy should a problem arise. You may want to sign up to a yearly maintenance contract with him. This generally means the plumber will regularly service your homes plumbing and fix any issues as soon as they rear their ugly heads. You may also find that emergency call out charges are drastically reduced when you have a contract with a plumber which can save you a pretty penny. This is especially true for landlords with a large number of properties.

It is also worth noting that many plumbers specialise in specific fields so identify your needs and choose your plumber accordingly.

Hopefully this information will equip you with sufficient knowledge to start learning about basic plumbing and locate a reliable local plumber to help you with any plumbing emergencies you may face in your home.

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